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Modern wine bar & lounge by Michelin star chef Agnar Sverrisson.

Composition of food leftovers and used cans



Simple menu, but well executed food made with high quality ingredients.  Yes, its exactly what you can expect from a Michelin star chef .



A superior selection of Burgundy wines, luscious cocktails and some great Champagnes.  Anna our sommelier will be happy to help you pick the right wine for the mood as well as organize wine tastings.

Tel: +354 454 0200

Hverfisgata 6


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Opening Hours

The restaurant is temporarily closed until further notice. 

We send our sincere apologies for any incovenience.

Burata is by far best in town. Wine selections is great too. The somelier knows what she is doing, in case if you are stuborn to try new wines trust her, it took me by surprise with some wines she suggested to us. Will go and recommend everyone this place.

Happy Visitor